Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mountain Bike Chicks WTF!

Really? I stumbled across this sight while trying to find more female riders apparently these chicks a mountain bikers! This pic in particular caught my eye, take notice of her particular bike. First of all I'd pay to see anyone, male or female do a single track in the hills with that ridiculous beast. Second notice her legs and arms, No bruises or bramble cuts oh and those calves do not look like mountain bike calves. I guess the real reason for me posting this is that I wanna find real women that mountain bike not this cheap whack off materials for male mountain bikers. I've got questions dammit! Like what kinda seat do you use or do you wear flower crap or did you just say screw it and get a mans riding jersey, etc.....

Oh and to the jack ass who started the website "" girls don't mountain bike in their undies and if they did it would take three days worth of airbrushing to photo shop out the squito bites, thorn cuts, bruises and tree bark. So maybe change the name to "Hot Sex Goddesses on bicycles"

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